GRID Family

For a team based in Portland, Maine, we spend a lot of time traveling. From Europe to Asia to South America to everywhere in between. It just so happens that our incurable travel bug led to the creation of the Grid Wallet. We realized that the wallets currently available were just not cutting it. They weren’t built with our lifestyle in mind. They were either too bulky, too impractical, too old-fashioned, too ugly, or too expensive. So we created a wallet that fixed all these problems, one by one.

Our wallet is home to some of our most essential items. Money, ID cards, and credit cards. But it can also be a place where we stuff useless receipts, expired passes, random business cards, foreign currency, and torn photographs. Why carry this unnecessary load around with you when all it does is create a heavy burden and a barrier to get to what you really need?

After a ton of research and countless hours spent at the drawing board designing, re-designing and prototyping, we finally produced a wallet that not only met all our requirements, but also one we truly fell in love with too.

Men's Black Aluminum wallet

Each Grid Wallet is designed to be ultra thin, ultra stylish, and ultra secure. Crafted in aluminum and boasting modern design, Grid Wallets are also RFID-blocking to protect your privacy. Although the Grid Wallet is super slim, it can hold up to 12 cards in the main compartment in addition to cash on the outside using the money clip. Available in an assortment of colors and patterns, the Grid Wallet collection has been designed to suit the modern man with contemporary tastes. It’s as versatile, dynamic, and stylish as you.