5 Wallets For Men That Pick Up More Women Than A Car

5 Wallets For Men That Pick Up More Women Than A Car

Wooing a lady is hard enough. Supermodel and former Miss Universe Rachael Finch says. "I think guys have a very difficult job, to be honest,". "They have to be able to read a woman before they approach." This is the key - there's no one size fits all. For men, the search for both wallets and ladies is a deeply personal experience. So how do you find a wallet that'll satisfy both?

Wallets For Men That Pick Up More Babes Than A Pick-Up Truck.

GRID Men's Wallet

It's impossible to talk about wallets for men and not mention GRID. The new wallet of investment bankers and outdoor enthusiasts is also a firm favorite of the opposite sex. Careful, this might not be the wallet you wanna use to leave a mark on simpletons. But if she is chasing the life-of-it-all, then this is the wallet to casually take out on a dinner date.

Made from the highest quality material like T6 aluminum, titanium, steel, and carbon fiber - these wallets hold up to 12 cards and sport a smooth money clip that can hold enough cash for a fun weekend. If nothing, she'll remember you for the wallet after the date.

William & Son

One thing that women find mesmerizingly attractive is any connection with Royalty. William & Son is a brand with a royal warrant which means they manufacture and provide goods for Britain's royal family. Their newest wallet for men is a dapper leather cardholder (made in the U.K) that's reinforced with silvertone edges. If that's not enough to sweep her off her feet, share the story of William & Son found on their site. And even if that doesn't work, you got some thinking to do.

Ridge Wallet

Another metal cardholder that offers quality craftsmanship and material. It offers very similar features you'll find in GRID wallets for men - RFID blocking, money clip. stunning design. Although some may complain that card notch is less ergonomic than GRID's which makes popping the cards out less smooth. GRID and Ridge fans are divided like iOS and Android. But they'll both make a pretty deep impression on your date.

iPhone MagSafe Wallet

Impressing the opposite sex with an Apple product is a classic. Only this time, the Cupertino giants launched a new wallet. It's a simple leather wallet offering exquisite high-end quality and finish - just like their other products. Since GRID, this is possibly the most impressive wallet we've seen. It securely holds up to 3 cards, comes with a strong RFID shield, and snaps on the back of an iPhone (with MagSafe) seamlessly. It leaves its mark.

TUMI - Nassau Slim Card Case Wallet For Men

This might be the wallet to bank on if you're dating women who go against the trend but appreciate quality and craftsmanship. It's an exquisite piece on its own and makes a stunning cardholder. However, place a few Benjamins in the middle chamber and it puffs up like an old bifold behemoth.

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