Judgement Day. Should You Buy A Metal Wallet in 2022?

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  • You can't escape trend. It will catch up on you, sooner or later. When we first introduced the new slim metal wallets, the media hounded us - they found something new, something fresh to give to its audience. Reviewers had been bored to death writing about the same old leather bifold wallets for decades. Nothing fresh had happened in the world of wallets that was worth putting on the cover of Time or GQ magazine. Then they got their baby to feast on - the metal cardholder, the disrupter that defied all rules and set about to change everything we thought we knew about wallets.

    Give media something new to feast on and they'll be on it like hungry wolves. GRID wallets were everywhere. You could find articles on fashion sites, survival magazines, lifestyle publications ... you name it. It sounds like the most perfect slim wallet that's ever been made. The media loved it and GRID established its own cult followers. It became a love story. Could it really be this good?

    Smoke And Mirrors? Or True?

    Not everything is smoke and mirrors. Behind the glamor and dazzle-dazzle is a wallet that truly is tough as a battle tank. This is why it quickly shot to popularity. In a market filled with wispy leather wallets prone to quick wear and tear, was a metal wallet that felt like an indestructible stone fortress - only for cards.

    Weighing Pros And Cons

    There are both advantages and disadvantages. Which outweighs what is up to you. We'll try and look at the slim metal wallet from all angles with an unbiased point of view. So, you know if it's for you.

    Easier to carry

    This is one of the biggest selling points. The slim metal wallet can fit in any pocket whether it's a shirt front pocket or your jeans' watch pocket.

    Safeguards Your Wealth

    Imagine having a wallet that can never be picked from your picket, doesn't matter how busy the place is, or how many glasses of wine you had with friends. This slim metal wallet fits in your inner jacket pocket and front trouser pocket. Pickpockets aim for your hip pockets, and will never suspect all your cards in your front pocket.

    RFID Guard Protect Against Card Skimmers

    We spoke in detail about how incredibly easy it is to skim cards from a distance with gadgets that one can buy for a couple of hundred bucks on eBay. GRID metal wallet offers an invincible RFID Guard that can't be breached even when the reader is placed right on top.

    Maximum Durability And Longevity

    You'll need mining tools and weapons if you want to destroy this wallet. It's forged from high-quality durable metal like steel, titanium, and aluminum. The premium version is made of carbon fiber which makes the wallet 25X tougher than its steel counterpart.

    Fashionable. Luxury Statement.

    If you want to make a fashion statement then there's no other wallet to pull out. You can definitely buy more expensive wallets but if you're looking for a wallet that reflects personality and luxury with a modern touch of minimalism and clean architecture, then GRID slim wallet is your baby.


    The wallet is not without its downside, but not many. Even though it can carry up to 12 cards and enough cash for the weekend, space is still a problem for a wallet that's as petit. I find myself carrying a separate money clip alongside when I have to carry a wad of cash.

    No more pictures of your loved ones either. But for that, you have your iPhone.
    That's really all for cons. Not much if you ask me. Now, it's your call.


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