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  • Two different beasts, both claiming the same territory. One is a secretive centralized government currency that dictates the world economy, and the other is a decentralized militant system that has the promise to obliterate fiat currency in the future. The paper money currency is riddled with controversies and conspiracy theories. Some say fiat money is the heist of all heists, mathematically designed to keep people in illusion. Others like us live happily with the U.S. dollar and successfully create businesses like Amazon, SpaceX, and GRID.

    Cryptocurrency is the new kid in the block but he's a heavyweight kid. Shrouded by mysteries, controversies, and thefts, its popularity has rocketed beyond the stratosphere. It created excitement and a vision of the future that has escaped no one. Even celebrity entrepreneurs like Elon Musk have jumped the bandwagon and invested in Bitcoins.

    What rocks your pants? Crypto or fiat? Whichever you pick, you'll need a wallet. There's a lot to choose from. So let's go ahead and see what's trending.

    Fiat Wallets
    Blockchain or not, fiat money is here to stay with us for a while. Sure, paper money is out through the door as we step into a cash-free economy. But still, Card is King. Whether you physically carry your credit cards in a conventional wallet or a digital one, you still need your plastics. And there are 2 ways to carry them.

    GRID Top Trending Physical Wallet

    These are the new chart-topper slim wallets that we now use for carrying money. The design and style are clean, fresh, and minimalistic. Slim cardholders and metal wallets like GRID have dethroned the leather bifold and annexed the fiat space. These slim wallets securely hold up to 12 cards within 2 premium metal plates that are held by an aerospace-grade elastic band. Best metal slim wallets like GRID also offer max protection to the valuable information stored on these cards as they come with an invincible RFID blocking.

    Most Popular Digital Wallets

    As more and more people rely on their phones for day-to-day banking, another breed of wallet has risen to prominence. We're talking about digital wallets. These wallets store your cards in a digital format and help you pay online and in stores with nothing more than your friendly smartphone or smartwatch. There are many digital wallets to choose from, and here are the top ones.

    - Apple Pay
    - Google Pay
    - Samsung Wallet
    - Amazon Pay
    - Cash App
    - Walmart Pay
    - Dwolla
    - PayPal

    These apps are taking out the need to carry physical cards. But now and then, they don't work. It can be for several reasons. At times like this, you have to revert to your good old bank card - one that doesn't require an internet connection.

    Crypto Wallets

    Like fiat wallets, there are both physical and digital wallets in the crypto space. The most secure wallets are the physical wallets - also known as cold wallets. These are offline wallets and hence cannot be breached by online hackers.

    The most widely used wallets are the convenient online wallets that allow easy buying, storing, and selling options from one convenient app. However, these wallets are prone to be hacked and are the top target for hackers.


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