3 Amazing EDC Carbon Fiber Wallets People Envy

3 Amazing EDC Carbon Fiber Wallets People Envy

It's time to say step above your overstuffed leather bifold and slip your cards into something a little classy and a lot more secure.If you draw gasps at the restaurant table when you pull out your overstuffed behemoth of a billfold, (or feel like you're sitting on a century old hardened cushion) it’s probably time to give yourself a newer, fresher model.

The hunt for a wallet is a very personal one. It has to match a man's personality and style, and it has to be that one true friend that'll stay with him for years. Not an easy task.But here's the good news. A fresh wallet is an opportunity to be seized. Here's a chance for you to upgrade your style and guarantee a more secure way to carry wealth.

Carbon Fiber Wallets - Style Showcased

You might have heard about these .. or even seen these sleek pager-like things clipped on the shiny leather belts of dapper investors in the financial districts. Or if you're an outdoor enthusiast, chances are you've heard about these light, thin and rugged carbon wallets.

So, what is so good about carbon fiber? Well, this tough premium metal is used in high-speed sports cars .. and for Batman's suit. No, really? But let's see what happens when this metal is forged into MEN'S wallet.

Cash Free Convert

Whether you're looking to future proof your wallet in the cashless economy or simply want the convenience of a wallet that glides into any pocket, a carbon fiber wallet is a groomed choice. It's the wallet for the discerning minimalist who drips class and relies on his plastics for payments.

3 Headturner Carbon Fiber Wallets

When it comes to flat metal card holders with money clip, there are really 2 names to consider - GRID and Ridge. No one comes even close to the quality and build they offer.

The wallets in the list below will last you years and the GRID ones come with a lifetime warranty. You heard that right. If you somehow manage to break it on your backcountry hunting trail, you're covered. But chances are slimmer than the wallets themselves. That's how sturdy these carbon fiber wallets are.

GRID Carbon Fiber (With Money Clip) - The carbon fiber wallet from GRID is an icon in itself within the label’s avant-garde range. It sports a black carbon look with a polished finish. This bold, logo-embellished take on the classic is a flex that’s well worth placing on the dinner table in the finest of restaurants.The wallet comes with the strongest of RFID blocking shields which means your cards are protected from skimming predators.

Ridge Burnt Titanium - If you’re a man who likes to sport an aura glow, this is a top wallet to consider. It’s solidly built from premium metal and comes with a cash strap to hold a few bills tightly in place. You can also opt for one with a money clip instead of the strap.

It’s pricier than the GRID wallets and you’ll have to fork out over a hundred bucks (almost $125 at the time of writing this article) but the design and build is flawless.

GRID Matte Black (With Money Clip) - This is my personal favorite. The luxury matte finish is turning into a cutting edge fashion trend - showing up on men’s fashion and lifestyle magazines and top influencers’ videos.

The carbon fiber wallet offers the same premium build and RFID blocking but costs considerably less than others in the market with similar quality (only $65 here).

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