3 Men’s Gym Gear That Girls Crush On

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  • Imagine this scenario. You've just got off the latest Men's Health podcast, you're hyper-focused, motivated, and determined to crush it at the gym. "The choices I make in my life shape who I am" is ringing in your head. You're hell-bent to level up the toughest plank challenge you've ever taken. You walk into the gym. You take the bike next to that cute brunette you secretly crush on. She looks hot and sweaty and she ignores you. Happens all the time, right? Here’s what to do. Work on your gym accessories (and not just abs).

    Women crush on men who look after themselves and not simply those obsessed with muscle gains. Gone are the days when men could walk around looking like they've been hit by a hurricane and be seen as 'macho'. Women have made clear that they like men who're:

    - Organized
    - Structured
    - Appearance conscious
    - Look sharp
    - Appear honorable

    So, if you want to ask out that cute chic in the gym, make sure you check those boxes above. But how do you do that? We did an in-depth survey and asked hundreds of fitness-focused women what creates an instant good impression in the gym. Based on their answers, we've made a list of gym gear for men that we're sure will help you gain big time in the love area.

    Fitness Looks Different With These Accessories

    Clothes and accessories make a deep impression. It doesn't matter how mindful and conscious we are, as humans, we're hardwired to be influenced by stories that our accessories tell. Presidential candidates know this the best. Hence they're always dressed in their best. So, make sure to remember this if you're looking for a little more than just body fitness at the gym :).

    Gym Towel

    This is the dreaded pitfall for guys as they look like they're playing organized Tetris trying to fit the bath towel in the gym bag. A towel is one of the first things you'll take out and the last thing you'll pack in. It'll stay with you for the longest, and it'll catch more attention than any other gear due to its sheer size.

    A guy in the gym with a proper gym towel says it all to a woman. Even if you're not trying to impress anyone, it's a good idea to have a quick-dry gym towel that helps you stay dry without becoming a nest for bacteria.

    Anti Microbial Gym Wallet - GRID Copper Slim Wallet

    A wallet says about a man more than his car. So, get a slim wallet that's both antimicrobial and sleek. Nicknamed the 'boardroom wallet', GRID metal wallets have taken the men's fashion world by storm. The leading maker of men's slim metal wallets introduced their first copper wallet that kills 99% of all bacteria and viruses on contact. Copper's antimicrobial property makes it the safest wallet to carry in gyms where germs are freely passed on. Kill two birds with one stone. Stay safe, and look sleek.

    This minimalist slim metal wallet boasts high-quality construction and a premium build. GRID slim gym wallet also makes the ideal EDC and business wallet.

    Protein Shaker

    Keep your protein shaker close to your heart when you're hitting the weights hard - and harder when hitting on the cute girl. Get any quality shaker like Contigo. They should be made of environment-friendly premium plastic, be odor-resistant, dishwasher-safe, and microwavable. Make sure the shaker comes with measurement markings and a storage compartment for 2 servings.


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