3 EDC Items Every Man Should Have In His Pocket

3 EDC Items Every Man Should Have In His Pocket
It really matters little whether you've ever heard about EDC (although they keep popping up in every magazine), because it's damn near certain that you take part in it every day. EDC is basically 'Every Day Carry'. They are the gear you carry in person in your daily life, and they can be seemingly innocuous and practically mundane items like wallets, backpacks, key holder, smartwatches, swiss-knife... and much more.  

Every Day Carry items make life easy and bold. A well thought out list of the perfect EDC loadout can make the difference between light and lightning. As a seasoned veteran of EDC, I've loaded up my space with gears ranging from outdoor pocket knives to indestructible forged carbon wallets, weather-proof backpacks, rugged phone cases.. and going the length to smartwatches.

So, let's take a deep dive together and discover the prospects that are waiting. Your loadout should reflect your daily life, personal needs and style. You'll know what fits into your life immediately when you see them. Of course, you can't go wrong with anything featured in this list. So, feel free to get one for yourself as they've all passed the most rigorous testing.

The Tactical Knife

The list begins with man's oldest and most trusted tool - the knife. An EDC knife is meant for everyday carry and use. It should be portable, discreet and be able to cut, slice and pierce through the most rugged materials.

Key Holder Vial Knife: Tekto Gear is generally known for making some of the most spectacular EDC knives but none more extraordinary than their Vial Knife. The seemingly decorative keyholder is a tubular metal sheath housing a 57 mm stainless steel blade. The double-edged spear screws firmly back on the metal tube, giving you an awe-inspiring office tool and survival weapon.

The Indestructible Forged Carbon Wallet

Men's Forged Carbon wallet by GRID
Probably the most essential every day carry, the humble wallet is evolving in form and factor. GRID shot to popularity with their forged carbon wallets. The premium material is a magnificent construction. It's hard as metal but it's non-metallic - hence it won't trigger off the metal detectors.

The wallet is a classy minimalist design that can take a heavy load of beating in any condition - keeping your cards safe within. The wallet can house up to 12 cards, boasts an RFID-blocking defender, and has a spring-loaded money clip in the back. And it'll turn more heads than you can count.

Impact Protection EDC iPhone Case

Mujjo’s Full Leather Wallet Case
Last but not the least, is our iPhone case. The modern smartphone is at the summit of all digital EDCs. However, despite advanced fortification for drop resistance and water resistance, it remains vulnerable to the 'dreaded drop'. 

Mujjo’s Full Leather Wallet Case has long been our top pick for impact protection. The case stands out from everything else on the market with a genuine full-grain tanned leather construction - offered in a huge selection of colors to suit your style. It comes with a card slot beautifully stitched to the back. The case is more premium in design and build than anything we've seen in the market and does Apple's exemplary design full justice.

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