3 Most-Purchased Every-Day Carry (EDC) Items Globally

3 Most-Purchased Every-Day Carry (EDC) Items Globally

The future belongs to those who prepare for it 

- Jim Moran

Preparation is key. Those who do are potentially setting themselves and their loved ones up for a better ride. Planning and preparing is the groundwork - the blueprint for achievement. As Abraham Lincoln would say, "I will prepare ... and my chance will come". While a bigger slice of the social crop is living a strange reality inside their phones, another tribe of men is gearing up to tackle everyday challenges.

Say Hello to EDC. If you do not know what it stands for - it's Every Day Carry, and it means exactly what it says. These are the tools we carry on us every day whether we're out in the urban jungle of New York or by the crackling fireside in the backcountry. They can be anything from steel-forged slim wallets for men to pocket-size multitool.

The list of EDC varies from person to person and depends on the time and place you're in. The tools that you need to knuckle out the challenges of city life may not be the ones you need on your hike through the sub-alpine rainforest - but then there are some that can save our day irrespective of our coordinates.

And, these make the most sold EDC items in the world.

Slim Wallets For Men - Forged Anti-Fraud ProtectionGrid's black aluminum slim wallet

One of the hands-down best-selling EDC items is the slim wallet for men. This is one of the latest tools to make its way up to the list of 'must-have EDCs', and it's dominating every list on every survival list.

Widely known as the 'GRID wallet' (because of the brand that brought this to life), these slim and beautifully designed wallets offer the heft, format, and appearance befitting the grandest dinner table. Measured diagonally, they're about the size of your credit card. You can fit them in the front pocket of your tightest skinny jeans or clip them to your belt while out angling for the big catch.

Built for the rugged lifestyle, these have quickly become a luxury item (thanks to the sleek metal finish) that keeps popping up on restaurant tables next to iPhones. Every wallet comes in with built-in RFID blocking that safeguards your personal details against those hounds trying to skim your card. Doubtless, this is the best cardholder right now, and comes with a sleek money clip.

Tekto Gear Foxtrot - Multipurpose Bulldozer

Tekto Gear's Foxtrot foldable knife

While this might not be an EDC item for those living in states with strict knife laws, the popularity of Foxtrot as an EDC tool has soared in recent years. The blackened, icy razor-sharp blade is sheathed within a rugged ergonomic military-grade aluminum handle. A multipurpose EDC bulldozer that can force-breach exit points and slice metal sheets.

Keychain Flashlight - Showing The Way

Whether you're trying to explore the dark corners under your bed or trying to find your way through the woods after the sun has dipped, this flashlight is a true guiding angel. The Prometheus Lights is an outstanding, pocket-fit torch that can flash 40 lumens — more than your day-to-day tasks demand. It even comes with a magnetic quick-release tail, that can easily detach from the keychain.

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