4 Amazing Applications of the Carbon-Fiber Material

4 Amazing Applications of the Carbon-Fiber Material

What shot to fame once it got featured in Batman suits and luxury cars? No, it's not James Bond, nor Batman himself. It's carbon fiber. This reinforced fiber composite has established itself as the "workhorse" of the modern age. Carbon Fiber is a polymer, also known as graphite fiber. It's light, it's sleek and it's strong - it's 5 x stronger than steel and two times stiffer. Little wonder, its popularity soared in industries like aerospace, military, automotive, and survival applications.

The history of carbon fiber begins with the father of all inventors - Thomas Edison. He applied high temperatures to cotton threads and bamboo silvers. And there, the first carbon fiber filament was born. Near the mid-twentieth century, a research center in the U.K. showed the world the real potential of carbon fiber.

In our modern world, a vast array of applications are forged with this feather-light, rock-hard composite, ranging from carbon fiber wallets to airplane parts.

Carbon Fiber Wallets - The Boardroom Wallet

Throughout our lives, we've known wallets to be soft, leathery, puffy, sizeable, cushiony - but never imagined it to be flat, light, aerospace-grade, tough, and high in tensile strength. It almost sounds like a tool from the Apollo Moon mission.
Grid's Carbon Fiber wallet
Meet the newest in sleek and luxury - the GRID carbon fiber wallet. This isn't your typical wallet. The team from San Francisco at GRID designed a new Carbon Fiber wallet from multiple layers of forged composite, and the end result is nothing short of gorgeous. These near-indestructible wallets offer the strength of a battle tank because of their construction and come with a lifetime guarantee.

These are intrinsically built to be cardholders in a cashless economy with strong RFID blocking that protects your contactless cards from being hacked. Like Batman's suit, these carbon fiber wallets have quickly become a symbol of strength, security, and luxury. A boardroom wallet for life.

Striking Carbon Fiber Knives

To no one's wonder, a composite tougher than steel found its way to the survival industry. Carbon fiber knives are soaring in popularity. These provide the same overall sturdiness of army-grade tactical knives, and the same sharpness - but offer better looks and ease-of-use.

If you want a tried-and-tested, stunningly sleek, ergonomic carbon fiber EDC knife at budget, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better knife than this one at Tekto Gear.

The Carbon Fiber Wrench

When carbon fiber is used to forge tools, they are done so with a promise to blow you away with the combination of strength, durability, and lightweight design. Made in the U.S.A. Carbon Lite offers a new-age wrench that's made from 3/8” high strength carbon fiber and stainless steel teeth. A tool to marvel at.

Carbon Fiber In Sporting Goods

Sports is another market that has taken full advantage of this superior composite. From tennis rackets to softball bats, golf clubs, hockey sticks, and archery arrows - you'll find them everywhere. Wilson - the number one tennis racket manufacturer uses carbon fiber for their racket frames. This provides the 'Volcanic Power' of the racket we know today.

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