5 Essential Items to Bring to Any Vacation

5 Essential Items to Bring to Any Vacation

The storm has passed. The lockdown lifted. It's time to listen to the wild heart and grab the travel planner. Whether you're planning a fortnight in a Caribbean integrated resort, a year of spiritual uplifting in Bali, or a refreshing week in the backcountry, these road-tested travel essentials will lift your experience.

Bourne To Organize. Carry-On Travel Pack.

First thing first. The item that tops our list of travel essentials is a trusty carry-on. It has to be durable with dedicated compartments for laptops, clothes, dirty laundry, shoes, chargers, documents and should come with a water bottle holder. Look for a travel pack with an internal frame-sheet for added support. It should be thoughtfully laid out so you can access what you need without touching the rest.

GRID Money-Safe. RFID Blocking Carbon Fiber Wallet.Gird's Carbon fiber wallet

If you're anything like us, the one thing you want to secure most - is your money. There's nothing more cataclysmic than losing access to your funds. You need a wallet that's near-indestructible, has a theft shield, and so sleek that you'll want to take it out at every given chance (vanity is inherent in us humans).

Say Hello to GRID's anti-theft RFID blocking wallet. This is hands-down one of the best wallets for both men and women. The carbon fiber wallet is ultra-premium in design and construction down to the last screw. It's a cardholder that securely holds up to 12 cards and comes with a groomed trusting money clip that can hold enough cash for the day.

Carbonado Folding Knife From Tekto GearTekto Gear's Carbonado foldable knife

Traveling without a dependable folder is like scuba diving without a breathing apparatus. Contrary to the popular image of a knife, a pocket-friendly knife can save a life. A good travel knife should be pocket-fit, folding, rugged enough for outdoor challenges, and should slice, chop, hack and pierce effortlessly.

If you don't have time to do your research and need an unfailing folder in your backpack, grab Tekto Gear's Carbonado. A stunning folder that sports a sleek titanium-finished blade and checks all 4 ‘F’s: Fit, Fierce, Fashion and Function. Designed for travelers, coastguards and popular with wildlife enthusiasts.

Rugged Phone Case - Otterbox Defender

Like it or hate it, the smartphone has become an integral part of our lives. From the alarm in the morning to checking emails, browsing the internet .... to staying fit. Not to mention capturing those memorable travel moments. While on holiday, your phone's going to receive some rough treatment. So, take off that sleek marble-finish case and slap on a heavy-duty cover like the Otterbox Defender. It's about as robust and heavy-duty a case can get. It'll protect your phone from drops, dust, lint, and jack-clogging.

Power Bank

What good is your insane fast A14 Bionic or Snapdragon if you're out of power? A good power bank is a must when traveling, especially abroad, where your charger might not work without an adopter. A wireless power bank like iMuto 20,000mAh has enough juice to fully charge an average smartphone over 4 times and still have juice on it. You can charge an iPhone 12 mini for two weeks.

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