Fashion Trends That Should Never Come Back

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  • Beam me up Scotty. Just writing this article and looking back at the 80s made my eyes hurt. I mean fashion has its ups and downs. Forget skinny jeans and slim wallets for men. Fashion took a new meaning in the psychedelic era. Bad, weird, seductive, and outrageous all kicked in when the 60s and 70s were high on … well everything. Sexual revolution, disco music, feminism, free-flowing hallucinogenic drugs, and pacifism all led to extraordinary trippy creation that still boggles the mind. Some of those creations were outright geniuses while others like spandex were a downright criminal offense. So, let’s take a look at fashion’s biggest crimes that should never come back.

    Top Fashion Disasters That Still Haunt Us

    The Bifold Wallet:

    Ah, remember these behemoths? You might still catch a few bulging out from the back pockets of some Baby Boomers. It’s a wonder how these bulky pillow-shaped wallets stayed in the spotlight so long. Only recently, these metal slim wallets for men with cleaner lines and RFID shield shot them out of existence. Sure, my Dad’s going to miss ‘em but it’ll save our future generation from bad backs and make way for more slim wallets for men.


    Let’s start off with the infamous mullet. This iconic hairstyle started in the 70s and peaked in the 80s, and all kinds of celebs have been guilty of rocking the look that we hope will never come back ever again. From Andre Agassi, David Hasselhoff (oh please!) to Patrick Swayze, and even Scarlette Johansson have been charged for wearing this outrageous hairstyle. We definitely do not want to ever see it back.

    Low-Waist Jeans (Controversial Men Vs Women)

    Men want them back. Women don’t. The infamous low-waist jeans shot to glory as girls joined the likes of Britney Spears and Paris Hilton with these ultra low-waist jeans that hovered just over their underwear. It challenged the most liberal women of the time but men to date never complained. Highly controversial if these should come back. I can tell how men feel. Many women feel the opposite and don’t want a return of the “shameful past” that led to so many chart hits and wardrobe malfunctions.


    Kylie Minogue wore them, Eddie Murphy flaunted in them and so did countless other celebs to light up the 80s. This is perhaps the biggest of all fashion disasters known to humankind. Unforgivingly bad, and one wonders if that’s what finally pushed president Ronald Raegan to step in and appeal to the masses to stop taking drugs. Bring back anything but the spandex.

    Square-Toed Shoes

    There’s no excuse for these boxy, clunky, hideous shoes to be around any longer. Why they were made in the first place is still a mystery, and we can’t wait for them to disappear from the face of the earth completely. A kind appeal to all humans to get rid of these ugly things - and save your friends’ and fellow commuters’ eyes.


    You didn’t think we were going to let go of this one. Men and women and alike have been guilty of wearing these ugly, shiny clothes that should be strictly reserved for Halloween. They had their share of glory among men and women tripping on acid in the 80s. But humankind is better of without these.

    Neon Velour Suits (Couldn’t skip this)

    Remember not too long ago women who looked like walking skittles, Happy not to see this trend back ever again for obvious visual reasons. Let’s make it illegal to wear neon.


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