Why Do We Use Aluminum for Grid?

Why Do We Use Aluminum for Grid?

Aluminum is found throughout our daily lives, but have we stopped to think why? For example, aluminum foil was invented in the early 1900s with mass production following in the late 1950s. Let’s find out why Grid Wallets use aluminum.

Aluminum is strong, light, and easy to mold

Aluminum is prevalent in the aerospace and automotive industry due to its magic combination of being lightweight and tough.

Since we craft stylish wallets that are slim, light, and compact, it’s natural that we opt for a material like aluminum. In addition to being strong and light, aluminum is also easy to mold to specific designs, like our compact and fashionable Grid Wallets.

If it’s good enough for the aerospace and automotive industries, it’s just right for your Grid Wallet!

Aluminum is green

When we speak about industrial materials, industrial waste comes to mind. However, aluminum is extremely recyclable. According to the Aluminum Association, aluminum products can contain up to 70% recycled aluminum, which is three times more than a glass or plastic bottle. For example, 75% of aluminum ever produced is still in use today — an amazing feat for an industrial material.

The health of our planet should always be a top priority and it’s important to use materials like aluminum that are sustainable and reusable.

Aluminum is Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) blocking

A big benefit of aluminum is that it prevents thieves from stealing personal data from credit cards and IDs with RFID tags by blocking radio frequencies.

So, not only does a Grid Wallet carry your cash, cards, and IDs, it keeps it safe too.

As illustrated above, it’s clear that aluminum checks off all boxes as the best material for our slim, stylish, and RFID blocking Grid Wallets. Browse our collection today to find an aluminum Grid Wallet that’s perfect for you.

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