What's RFID Protection and Why Does it Matter

What's RFID Protection and Why Does it Matter

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) was invented with the purpose to insert chips into “things” that would emit an ID through radio frequency so that they could be identified and tracked wirelessly. This technology was originally designed to identify and track products throughout the manufacturing and distribution process. However, we now find them in our passports, credit cards, and other personal products too. This, unfortunately, leaves our private information vulnerable to hackers.

Since RFID technology transmits and receives radio signals, it leaves the possibility for an intruder to intercept such transmissions. Although the technology is inherently secure, i.e. applying encryption, hackers have certainly been able to access people’s private information from RFID chips.

How Can Grid Wallets Help? 

In a world full of privacy invasion and identity theft, tools for hacking are becoming increasingly more powerful and cheaper. The only way to counteract such tools is to block the ability to exploit the technology. RFID blockers are one way to achieve this and individuals can arm themselves with such tools to combat hackers and criminals from stealing their identities.

We’re here to help. In addition to Grid Wallet’s stylish design and practicality, our aluminum wallets are also RFID blocking. This is due in part to the aluminum construction, which as a material, blocks radio frequencies. So now you can rest assured that your credit cards and IDs are safe when kept inside one of our Grid Wallets. And remember, despite the Grid Wallet’s compact size, you can, in fact, store up to 12 cards in the main compartment.

A slim wallet that’s great looking, practical, and offers protection against thieves? There’s nothing better than that to store your cash and cards! So browse our catalog of products and find the perfect Grid Wallet for you.

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