5 Worrying Reasons Why Traditional Wallets Simply Suck

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  • The traditional bifold has been man's best friend for generations. But has this classic lived its shelf life and starting to show its age in the modern, fast-paced life spearheaded by style, fashion, and safety? The hunt for the perfect wallet is a deeply personal one, it isn't just for holding your bills and cards - it's a statement piece, an accessory that reflects a man's thoughts, character, and style. Think. When was the last time you picked up a wallet simply because it could hold enough cards or it had a friendly price tag? Your wallet is something that your boss will take notice of, your Tinder date will marvel at and the Starbucks barista will smile at. Something you'd be proud to carry.

    The Traditional Wallet Vs The Minimalist Credit Card Wallet Face-Off  

    Traditional Bifolds: These have been our trusted allies for ages. They helped us conveniently carry cash, credit cards and even ornate our wealth with a cute photo of a child, partner, or even fluffy. If you're like us, you've probably bought over a dozen of these over the last few years and they've been erased from your memory like modern house music. Once you turn away from them, you're done with them.
    Pros And Cons Of The Traditional Wallet
    Let's point out when we say 'traditional wallets', we actually refer to those bifolds that dominate over 90% of the market - the infamous 'value wallets'. Quality bifold wallets have a lot singing for them, they can be real signature pieces, they have adorned the outfits of the Greats. from Ab Lincoln to Jimi Hendrix. A bit like rock n roll, they never die.
    However, the vast majority of men's wallets today are light-years away from this category. They adorn the shelves of supermarkets and malls, all over the internet, and at the checkouts of men's fashion retailers with a tempting marked-down price.
    Here's why it's best you steer clear of these 'value' wallets.
    • In a cashless economy, they have limited card slots.
    • They leave 'contactless' payment cards vulnerable and open for skimming
    • They're bulky and unimpressive
    • Bad for your back. Study shows sitting on a big fat wad can stress your hip joint and lower back
    • They do not age gracefully. It's painful to look at these wallets and take them out in public
    • Sterilizing can make them spotty and ruin the texture

    The New Slim Credit Card Wallet - Signature Of Class 

    There's a new generation of smart credit card wallets that are fast replacing the bulky old bifold - pioneered by Ridge and GRID. These premium wallets feel rich to the touch. They're forged like tanks from premium metals like titanium, steel, aluminum, and carbon fiber. The carbon fiber credit cardholder has now become an established luxury signature. But it's not just the sleek looks that have shot these credit card wallets to stardom, they simply offer more.
    They offer a lifetime guarantee
    • RFID Blocking wallets shield your money from dishonest skimmers
    • Fits in tightest front pockets (and even shirt pockets), clips on your belt. No more pickpocket in buses and trains
    • Premium metal and high-quality finish offer the ultimate touch of elegance and class - a 'boardroom wallet'
    • Wash it, sterilize it, and even throw it in the washing machine (inside jeans pocket)
    • The perfect EDC (Every Day Carry) tool for the outdoor enthusiasts and urban survivalists
    • Saves your back
    Simply put, conventional wallets have not evolved with time, they’re out of shape and do not


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