5 Must-Have Accessories Women Love In Men

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  • Fasten your seatbelts Gentlemen. This is a ride that'll change your life, your style, and your attitude. And for some of you, it'll bring a new meaning to romance, perhaps even a new partner. Because right now, we're going to take you to the ultimate show for men's accessories. We'll lift the curtain to the biggest, coolest, and sleekest men's accessories that are hitting the streets from Paris, Milan, London to New York and Hollywood. Because that’s how I like my men - my name is Kylie and I'm here to help men dress better and feel more confident, no matter your age or size.

    So, buckle up and enjoy the show.

    Here are 3 accessories every man, regardless of age, built, occupation and lifestyle need to own. Some of these accessories, you may not need or wear often but as a man of age, you’ll see when you need them and you’ll be thankful that you planned far ahead to take care of them and that you own them. Women like men who can plan ahead. I’ll also tell you my absolute favorite for each item below but feel free to adjust to your girlfriend’s taste (but if you’re single, stick to mine).

    Wallet - Get The Very Best Wallet For Men

    So, we start with what I think defines a man - his wallet. Make sure you own a wallet that reflects your style and not just something holding your cards and a wad of cash with old receipts. In this day and age, fashion and women champion minimalism. So pick a wallet that’s smart, minimalistic and shows quality.

    For me this is the best wallet for men, my absolute favorite - the metal card holder. GRID makes the sexiest of them all and it makes me drool every time I see a guy take one out to settle the bill. It’ll only set you back $80 or even less but you’ll reap heavy rewards on dates and boardroom meetings.

    Watch. It’s Time To Dazzle

    Nothing has made girls fall in love more than watches. A man with the right watch is the man I’d fall for any day. Smart watches are all dope and dandy but please avoid wearing them out on a date. We see them as fitness watches and they don’t belong to dates and meetings. Get a watch that reflects the words ‘quality’ and ‘dependable’.

    You don’t have to wear a Rolex. Any reputable Swiss brand will do. My personal favorites are Longines and Tissot. Don’t throw your money on the next flagship phone, but spend it wisely on a watch. Time will tell you it’s the best investment.

    Pocket Square. Style Doesn’t Always Cost Money

    This will set you back a couple of bucks but will put you ahead of the rest any day. Looking dapper and smart is about the details and a pocket square is an often ignored item that really does make a big impact. Pick a polka dot one or a white one (for grey suits) or pick your own.

    Make sure you know your folds and fold them neatly. A simple ‘Presidential Fold’ will do the job any day.

    Silver Tie Bar

    Here’s another overlooked item that makes the world of difference in a man. Again it costs next to nothing and you can pick one up even from Walmart (just go somewhere else). You can get a box of 4 on Amazon for under $12.

    Black And Navy Tie.

    Believe me, these two ties will go with any suit you wear, which makes them an absolute closet essential for men.


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