Biggest Fat-Wallet Blunders And Best Slim Wallet Solution

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  • If you’re the type who likes to carry a wad of cash wherever he goes, then get someone to carry your fat wallet for you. Or if that’s too much, chuck it in your handbag and carry it around. Do anything but go around with a bulky wallet in your back pocket.

    No, I’m serious. You can write me off and think ‘I’ve had these brown beauties for ages” or start to wonder why your lower back keeps tingling and hurting.

    Dr. Arnie Angrist, a New York City-based chiropractor told HuffPost that sitting on a wallet "creates an asymmetry or imbalance that distorts your pelvis and hips."

     And that’s just the beginning. You can genuinely get your butt kicked in its true sense. Dr. Chris Good, a professor of clinical sciences at University of Bridgeport College of Chiropractic, studied that "Compression caused by a thick wallet could cause irritation to a number of important structures in the buttocks: the sciatic nerve, the local muscles (for example the gluteal muscles or piriformis) and the local arteries and veins," 

    Now, that explains the nagging back problem of the baby boomers. But is that all?

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but no.

    Traditional bulging wallets are perfect for those who don’t mind their ID stolen over wireless, also known as RFID theft or ‘Wireless Identity Theft’.

    And here’s the last nail in the coffin. Fat wallets are totally out of sync with the modern trend, unfashionable and Kardashian-types hate them.

    Back pain, outmoded and vulnerable to theft? That won’t impress the coolest boss or girlfriend.


    Switch to the new, safe, slim front pocket wallet solution


    Black Aluminum wallet inside male pants

    Say ‘Hello’ to slim wallets. These sleek little stylish babies burst to the scene with skinny jeans looking for something sleek and more appropriate.

    That was just the beginning. People realized front pocket wallets offered more than just a good fit. Slim wallets were safer. You could neatly slide your sleek little darling with all your credit cards and IDs in your front or coat pocket.

    NO MORE PICKPOCKETS. Front pocket wallets hit the headlines!

     But there was a problem. People still needed to carry some cash. Slim wallets were more of a dapper cardholder. Where do you keep the cash? Cash in the pocket is still very much a NO.

    Introducing the slim wallet with money clip. Even better than the real thing, literally. Now you can neatly fold your cash, have a sleek clip hold them and show off your bills. Problem solved.

    Best Front Pocket Wallet for Men. How to Choose.

    Once people realized the huge benefits of slim wallets, the market flooded with sleek cardholders with money-clip of all sizes and shapes.

    Choices are plenty and many are wasters.

     So, how do you choose the best front pocket wallet?

    • Invest in quality. You want your slim wallet to last a few years if not a lifetime.
    • Stay away from cheap knockoffs. They wear and look hideous after a few weeks.
    • Go for metal wallets. They offer steely strength, impossible to rip or break and look snazzier than any other front pockets wallets. Ladies and bosses are quickly impressed.
    • Make sure they offer RFID protection. This will keep you safe from Wireless Identity Theft.
    • Choose a metal wallet that can hold up to 10 cards and comes with a money clip.

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