Essential EDC List For Extreme And Amateur Surfers

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  • Paddling out and bagging a good wave is not for the faint-hearted. Especially not when surfers are heading to places like Fire Island - part of a cluster of volcanic islands in La Islas Afortunadas. So, surfers must gear themselves with the right accessories before going looking for the big barrels and A-frames. Even little tykes surfing with parents need to be geared well. "Surfing is a lifestyle, a life philosophy" explains Hamish, a 45-yr old surfer from Huntington Beach, California. "When you spend half your life on surf breaks, you're going to have very specific needs … like samurai monks".

    The list of EDCs (Everyday Carry0 for surfers is very unique. Their needs can draw a parallel with the requirements of extreme survival enthusiasts. Professional surfers may need to spend extended periods ... weeks, months, and maybe even years away from their families, all to catch that once-in-a-lifetime swell. We spoke to 30+ pro surfers while the pandemic in 2021 to understand their needs and challenges to create the ultimate surfer's list of EDC essentials.

    We'll start with a quick checklist of the obvious and mandatory surfing equipment.

    Surfboard. The magic carpet that allows you to fly on the water, ride the swell, dance with nature. There are many types of boards. Get the one that sings best for you.

    Fins. These are the wheels of your surfboard. The most popular ones are single-fin, twin-fin, thruster, quad, and five-fin setups.

    The Leash. This keeps you anchored to your surfboard.

    Surf Wax. This will give you the deck grip that you need when paddling and charging the A-frames.

    Wetsuit. This is a neoprene suit that'll allow you to stay in cooler waters for a longer time.

    The above essential checklist is nothing to get amped about. It's really for beginners. Now we get to the EDC gear that pro surfers carry on them.

    Survival EDC Gear For Pro Surfers

    This is where surfers' path draws a parallel with the outdoor extremists and survival enthusiasts. It's important to gear yourself right.

    Sunglasses - Surfers are exposed to prolonged sunlight. Invest in a good pair of sunglasses that'll protect you from the harsh glare of the sun that reflects off the ocean's surface - often causing pterygiums and cataracts. Protecting your eyes with good-quality surf sunglasses is compulsory. Stay away from cheap knockoffs. You'll thank me for this in a few years.

    GRID Metal Card Holder With Money Clip                                          

    Metal card holders are in fashion both among men and women. In a cash-free economy, the minimalist design with clean lines sits well with modern trends. The small form factor makes it easy to slip into small pockets and keep it safe. The metal cardholder/wallet can sit comfortably in small board-shorts pockets. GRID's metal best cardholder is the titanium wallet. Like all their metal cardholders, this comes with an unbreachable RFID Guard that protects that card from skimming crooks that may populate popular beaches.

    Tactical Folding Knife

    Every outdoor specialist should carry a folding knife. If your state law does not permit carrying folding knives of any size, then pack in a Victorinox Swiss multitool. The folding knife Arcturus remains a firm favorite with surfers along with the Carbonado.

    Catch the rest of the ultimate EDC list for surfers in our next blog here.


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