How to Choose the Perfect Wallet

How to Choose the Perfect Wallet

Today, a wallet is much more than just a case for transporting paper money. It's a must-have accessory for men. Along with cash, it holds information of our digital assets, IDs, loyalty cards, pictures of loved ones, napkins with numbers that we never use – you name it.

Plus, your wallet makes a huge impression when you take it out to settle the bill, whether in a shop or restaurant.

So, how do you pick something so important?

4 Simple Ways to Choose the Perfect Wallet

1. Think Security

Pickpocketing is one of the oldest crimes and is still one of the biggest threats to commuters. Every day thousands of innocent people all over the world (especially in busy cities) lose cash and face the inconvenience of stolen cards.

Bulky wallets in hip-pockets are the easiest target for pocket-lifters. They're easy to pick and before you know they're gone. 

2. Go Slim

Slim wallets are becoming increasingly popular. These are minimalist wallets that allow you to carry all the essential cards and enough cash for a couple of days. They are sleek, stylish and safe. Best of all, these little gems can slide easily in your front pocket while looking great. Front-pocket-wallets tend to bend less and your cards will last much longer.

Tired of cracked and battered credit cards?

Keep your cards in pristine condition year after year with a metal slim-wallet. All your cards are securely packed within the wallet with no room to move around or bend.

Got cash? There's a nifty cash clip at the back that you can use to carry enough cash for a weekend. 

Men's Forged Carbon Fiber wallet

3. Front Pocket Wallets 

These wallets do more than just keeping pickpockets at bay.

  • Good for your health – Studies show sitting on fat wallets for prolonged periods can cause Piriformis Syndrome also known as the 'fat wallet syndrome.'
  • Last longer – Good quality leather and metal slim wallets will last a lot longer as they are specifically designed to fit front pockets. They sit snug and don't take the battering like back pocket wallets.
  • Anti-theft shield – Some premium thin wallets have built-in RFID blocker. This prevents thieves from skimming your contactless credit cards and collecting information.
  • Cards last longer – As I mentioned before, cards stay in pristine condition for much longer in these wallets
  • Getting closer to a cash-free society – As everything from money to receipts, photos and contacts get digitalized, there's no need for bulky wallets. Instead, we should switch to digitally safe wallets.

4. Choose to Impress

Very often it's not what's inside the wallet, it's the wallet itself that says a thousand words. You won't wear a worn-out football jacket on a date. Use a wallet that compliments your style. 

Slim front pocket wallets are cool and practical. They’re safe, smart, hip, tech-savvy and styled to impress.


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