Men's Wallet - Expectations Vs Reality

Men's Wallet - Expectations Vs Reality

You're swiping Tinder and suddenly you spot this attractive chick. You like her picture and next, bam, it's a mutual liking. You send her a message "Hey, you from San J?" She replies 'yes' with a smiley and you get chatting. She sounds totally dope. You set up a date the following day. You head off to meet her in a downtown cocktail bar. All the women around you look stunning and you wonder which one's yours. Nervously you reach for your phone and call her number. It's ringing... she's right behind you. You turn around and ...

Expectations and realities are often worlds apart. You expect one thing and end up with something completely different. As in the imaginary dating scenario, you expected a hot date but when you turned around, you saw a half-drunk fake blonde in her mid-50s.

It's the same scenario with men's wallets these days. When you're looking for a wallet, you expect that it will make a statement, it will showcase your style, aura, and personality. At the very least, you expect it to organize and hold your money securely. But, when you get your online order, it's far from what you thought.

Men's Value Wallets. Expectation Vs Reality

With so many men's wallets offering mouthwatering prices, it's hard not to fall for the value proposition trap. To peak our desire, these wallets feature stunning 3D renditions that make them look as good as any men's wallet.

Here's the reality. Many times, you can tell the cheap quality as soon as you unpack these wallets and hold them. You realize instantly that you had wasted your precious twenty bucks. You can't get a refund as everything matches up to the description. These sellers are cunningly smart.

Statement Piece - Men look at their wallets as statement pieces, and women do too. We want our wallets to reflect our style. With most (if not all) cheap men's wallets, you beat up your image. You'd rather hide it in front of that cute barista than take it out with a smile.

Security - Our wallets should hold our money safely. It's the least they should do. In the modern tech age, the majority of men's wallets are not geared to protect your wealth from skimming crooks. Only a tiny minority of modern wallets like Apple and GRID wallets offer battle-tested RFID blocking. This guarantees to keep all your credit cards safe even when placed right on top of a card reader.

Learn how skimmers can easily steal your credit card information from miles.

Organization - In a digital economy money organization is vastly different from what we knew even a few years ago. As the number of cards increases in our wallets, the need for cash dwindles. This means the hefty bifold leather wallet with 6 card slots and a huge money chamber is now dated.

Men's Wallets That Match Your Expectation

The good news is that there is still a huge selection of wallets that can match and often exceed your expectations. If you're like us and don't mind paying a few extra bucks, you can hold on to one of these babies for the next 10 years.

GRID's metal cardholder changed the way men thought about wallets. This slim cardholder with a hell-sexy money clip fired a new trend. Lovingly called the 'Boardroom Wallet' in business districts, this wallet has become the new standard of class and elegance. Check out their Titanium Wallets and my favorite - the Carbon Fiber Wallet.

Other men's wallets we absolutely loved are Apple's genuine leather cardholder and even some high-quality bifold wallets that are designed and made in the U.S.

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