GRID Wallet, Your Perfect Travel Companion

GRID Wallet, Your Perfect Travel Companion

As any seasoned traveler knows, packing light is key to a well-planned trip. The smart globetrotter brings along things that are practical yet compact, durable yet stylish. And that’s why the GRID Wallet—an ultra-slim aluminum wallet that protects your privacy—is the perfect travel companion.

Here at GRID wallet, we love to travel. After all, it’s that passion for travel that led to the development of the GRID wallet. Our latest adventure was to Paris, the “City of Lights,” and of course, we had our trusty GRID wallet in tow.

Pack all your essential cards into the GRID wallet

Although the Grid Wallet is ultra-slim at only 6mm thick, it can still hold up to twelve cards comfortably thanks to the elastic sides holding two aluminum plates together. That means you can pack your credit cards, bank cards, ID cards and so on. But if you’re headed to Paris, leave some space for local essentials like a Paris Passlib'—a card that gives you access to public transport, museums, and other awesome sights in the French capital—and your hotel key card.

Plus, the exterior money clip on the GRID wallet lets you have some cash handy when you need it. Don’t forget to grab some Euros from your bank before your trip so you’ll have cash when you land to pay for cabs, tips, and other small expenses.

Your GRID wallet keeps your essentials safe while you travel

Unfortunately, tourists are often prime targets for criminals and visitor-heavy places like airports, public transport stations, and sightseeing spots are full of them looking for their next target. However, with your GRID wallet, you can stay one step ahead of them! Not only is your GRID wallet small and slim enough to stow away safely—no bulky wallet here to attract attention—but it’s also RFID blocking.

Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) uses radio waves to read and capture data on tags. So if you have any RFID cards with sensitive data, the GRID wallet protects your personal information from wireless identity theft with aluminum shields.

Flaunt your fashionable side with the GRID wallet

It’s no secret that Paris is one of the world’s great fashion capitals—personal style is clearly important to those that call this city home.

So, whether you’re paying for a shopping haul, an espresso at a café, or a meal at a cozy bistro, your super practical GRID wallet also flaunts a seriously stylish side. Along with its sleek and minimal design, GRID wallets are available in a variety of colors and textures to suit a range of tastes.

Wherever your next trip takes you, be it Paris or any other destination, make sure you have a GRID wallet along for the ride for a stress-free and modern way to keep all your important cards and money safe and sound.

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