This Week's Top New Men's Wallets

This Week's Top New Men's Wallets

When Robert Kiyosaki was asked for the secret to his success, he said "Before you can transform your wallet from poor to rich, you've got to transform your spirit from poor to rich". Men's wallets speak volumes about who a man is and where he will be in the future. It's not just a place for stashing a bundle of clams and storing cards. A wallet is a statement piece - an extension of you that showcases who you are, your style, and your ambition. It says more about a man than his tie or his flagship smartphone. It's the one thing that will leave an impression on your coffee shop barista, Tinder date, or boss.

Upgrading your wallet is no mean feat, especially in a market littered with cheap knock-offs with mouthwatering value propositions. Rule #1 here: cheap is cheap. There are no top-end men's wallets that come under a score. Saying that, let's take a look at this week's top men's wallets. In this round-up, we're taking a look at wallets with serious organization and the sleek minimalist ones for storing cards and some paper dosh.

The Wall Street Wallet - GRID Metal Cardholder

Let's kick off with the biggest showstopper in men's wallets right now - the GRID wallet. The design principle behind this wallet is so simple, that it blows the mind. It is lucid, elegant, and class from end to end. The flawless construction boasts top-of-the-line premium materials like titanium, steel, aluminum, and carbon fiber. The wallet can securely house up to 12 cards and a sleek money clip at the back holds enough cash to last a few days. It also comes with powerful RFID blocking technology that protects your wealth from skimming crooks.

If you're chancing a Tinder date, get one of these by all means. Casually leave it on the table by your phone, and when the bill comes, slide your Amex out with a smooth nudge of the finger. Want to impress your boss? Get the Titanium or Carbon Fiber wallet and leave it on the table at the meeting.

Jacquemus Le Pitchou Coin Purse

Steer away from convention with yet another stylish men's wallet. The Le Pitchou Coin Purse is French in design and build from top to bottom, and we loved it. It features a classy leather lanyard and even though it's not as slim as the GRID cardholder, it'll turn enough heads. It's got enough room to hold the all-important cards, plenty of cash, and even your coins and car keys. If I have to gripe, there's still that bulge that's reminiscent of the old bifold.

Levi's Trifold Wallet

If you must stick to the classic men's wallet, your best chance to impress is with Levi's new trifold wallet. It's got the denim maker's class, quality, and design. It is built to last with high-quality faux leather and embodies form and factor beautifully. The men's wallet is a fully functional classic billfold. It features six credit card chambers, two secret pockets for personal effects, a spacey cash compartment, and a transparent thumb ID window for your driver’s license. Everything about this wallet is to be loved. However, I'm not sure how well it'll sit on a date with ultra-modern women. Try.

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