World of GRID // Macau – The Fusion Of East And West

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  • Buildings in Macau

    This week, we're going off the grid again and exploring gorgeous Macau, a Chinese city you don't often hear about.

    This gem is located just 35 miles west of Hong Kong and as soon as we stepped out into the streets, we were mesmerized by the city's beauty, versatility and hospitality, despite the grandeur resembling some of the largest metropolises in the world.

    Macau comprises the Macau Peninsula where you'll find the colorful and surprisingly versatile city center, and three islands – Taipa, Colane and Cotai, each unique in its own way. Taipa is connected to the Macau Peninsula with three bridges you'll be able to see from the coast.

    Grid wallet travels to Macau, China


    What makes Macau so amazing is that it merges two completely different cultures and offers something exceptional to every traveler that wanders to the city.

    I bet you never thought you will come across a place that's home to glitzy megacasinos, the Eiffel Tower, Venetian canals, sacred Chinese temples and traditional Portuguese architecture. Well, you can find it all here where it blends unexpectedly well.

    The reason behind such an unusual mix of cultures is the fact that Macau was the first European colony in China.

    Wherever you were planning to go, don't forget your GRID wallet, because you'll need it. Sweet temptations are waiting for you on every corner and you don't want to miss out, whether you're a foodie, a history buff or a fan of gambling.

    Men's Black Aluminum in Macau


    Speaking of food, you'll be able to treat your palate in Macau in more than way. Macanese cuisine is a mix of Chinese and Portuguese cuisine, which makes it wonderfully unique and delicious.

    Try their national dish minchi, which is minced beef or pork prepared with onion, potatoes and soy sauce. But don't miss their popular Portuguese starter called caldo verde soup, its Macanese version made with potatoes and bok choy.

    Restaurant in Macau, China

    Make sure to head to some of the lively street markets of Macau to truly experience this fusion of cultures and get your hands on authentic Macanese food, local fruit and vegetables, clothes, antiques and even furniture, paintings and other lovely decorations.

    Market in Macau, China

    Don't miss the most popular flea market in Macau, Rua de Tercena, which is practically a landmark in the city. Conveniently, it's on your way to another famous Macau landmark that you absolutely have to see – the Ruins of St. Paul's Church.

    While you're at it, make sure to check out some other unmissable spots in the city such as Senado Square, Travessa da Paixão, St. Dominic's Church, A-Ma Temple, or enjoy the view of the whole city from the famous Macau Tower.

    If you're not a fan of huge tourist spots and like to explore the hidden gems of the city, you're welcome to. That's exactly what we did when we wanted to take a break from the crowd.

    This city's buzzing atmosphere is contagious but sitting on a rooftop downtown observing everything from a bird's-eye view was truly magical.

    Grid Black Aluminum men's wallet in Macau

    Of course, we couldn't imagine our trip without the best travel companion – GRID wallet. It sure came in handy with all the stuff we bought and all the restaurants we simply had to check out.

    So, if you're looking for your next traveling destination, Macau is the ideal choice. Stunning, versatile and vibrant, this city will steal your heart from the first moment.


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