Inspired by Supercars, Used on Grid

Inspired by Supercars, Used on Grid

In an effort to bring you the lightest, slimmest, and most fashionable aluminum wallets, the Grid Wallet team are always on the lookout for the finest materials to use. Taking inspiration from supercars, we now bring you a Grid Wallet crafted from a material favored by these stylish speed machines: carbon fiber.

What is Carbon Fiber?

We live in a scientific age. Every day we are seeing and experiencing new inventions that were once only in the minds of science fiction writers. Physicists experimenting in labs are coming up with incredible technology and while most of it remains classified, some like carbon fiber are successfully commercialized. 

Roger Bacon discovered carbon fiber in experimentation labs in the 1950s. Theoretically, any material containing carbon can become “carbonized” by exposing it to a temperature of 1000°C. The resulting material would be 99% carbon. However, if you heat the material to 2500°C or above, you’ll get 100% carbon. Furthermore, when the material is stretched, it increases its strength significantly. The US Air Force supported the development of carbon fiber in the 1960s and funded much of the research so that it could eventually be used in missiles, rockets, and aircraft material.

Today’s carbon fiber is incredibly strong yet super lightweight. This combination makes it the ideal material for so many applications including aerospace, automobile and personal goods industries. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that the carbon fiber pattern is very attractive too.

Carbon Fiber Grid Wallet

Carbon fiber weighs 70% less than steel and 40% less than aluminum. It is also three times tougher than both steel and aluminum. This makes carbon fiber perfect to use on our slim, durable, and striking wallets.

The Carbon Fiber Grid Wallet is the newest member to join the collection. Not only does it have the coveted carbon fiber pattern on the outside but it also retains the aluminum plates on the inside for RFID blocking. RFID is the use of radio waves to read and capture data on a tag. Although convenient, this also means that information can be easily stolen by hackers. But the Grid Wallet prevents that from happening, making it one of the safest wallets you can own.

Similar to other models, the Carbon Fiber Grid Wallet can accommodate up to 12 cards thanks to its clever construction using carbon fiber, aluminum plates, and elastic. Additionally, there’s also the exterior money clip or wide elastic strip to hold your cash.

We stand so firmly by our products that they come with a lifetime warranty. So if you want to carry your cash and cards in an easier, more practical, and ultra stylish way, then look no further than the Grid Wallet in carbon fiber.

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